Kelco Abrasives

8" X 2" X 1" - Kelco Unmounted Flap Wheel, Aluminum Oxide, Resin-Bonded

Aluminum Oxide, Resin-Bonded Unmounted Flap Wheel With 1" Inner Diameter

The Kelco Flap Wheel grinds and polishes both flat and contoured surfaces. Its aluminum oxide grain provides enhanced performance. Resin bonded to a strong cloth backing.
  • Great for effective dry sanding, grinding, polishing, and contour work.
  • Delivers a smooth, polish-grind dual action on flat, contoured or intricate surfaces with ease and safety.
  • Suitable for grinding or polishing hard-to-reach convex and concave surfaces, weldment, machine housings, profiles, cylinders and internal surfaces.

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